The Living and the Dead




«This is truly a novel that is also a fully formed world.»         

Vanni Santoni, Corriere della Sera

«The Living and the Dead explores nothingness. A literary work of incomparable quality and originality.»

Giacomo Giossi, Minima et Moralia

«His prose lies somewhere between Kafka and Walser. Andrea Gentile tries to say the impossible: this is where we have to begin in order to understand the movement of one of the most important Italian writers of his generation.»

Luca Romano, Huffington Post

«To be read with the patience and reverence of one who is holding an epic work in his hands.»

Cristina Battocletti, Sole 24 Ore

«What is striking about this visionary world is not so much the sorrowful and defeated state of humanity, but the profound feeling of enchantment, the sense of legend that overflows on every page of the novel. The Living and the Deadis a chapter of a new Italian epic.»

Giuseppe Lorenti, Il Venerdi di Repubblica

«The Living and the Dead treads the boundary between the comic and the divine: and is this not the very nature of a mystery play?»

– Vanni Santoni, Linus

«The story of this book is never done being told and passed on.»

Giulia Panza, Salt

«If you take the time to follow the stories in this book, I assure you that you won’t regret it. The Living and the Deadby Andrea Gentile is among the most beautiful things you will ever read.»

Marco Trotta, Expartibus

«An original and ambitious book that leaves the reader disoriented, but with the feeling of having read something unique in the current Italian literary landscape.»


«The book creates a new habitat, one which is esoteric, aggressive, sorcerous, in short: phenomenal. The Living and the Dead stands out as one of the most important and majestic literary works in recent years: an authentic Southern Gothic Iliad

Orazio Labbate, Huffington Post/2

«Epic, fairytale, tragedy: Gentile’s poetic jumble creates a transverse literary work, with multiple possible readings.»

Giovanni Bitetto, Flaneri

«The different storylines and the way in which the events unroll are reminiscent of the Dantean pilgrimage.»

Mariachiara Rafaiani, Sul Romanzo 

… Andrea Gentile… author of the praised The Living and the Dead

Natalia Aspesi, Repubblica

I Wanted Everything 

«An ambitious novel, complex and interwoven with the economic, cultural and sentimental legacy that is handed down from generation to generation until it reaches us in the present, not to mention the unfulfilled promises of the past, the flawed gift of a “new life” in which, at this point, it is impossible to believe.»

Carlo Mazza Galanti, Il Sole 24 Ore, 

«I Wanted Everything unravels like a film noir, revealing the author’s great wisdom.»

Giacomo Giossi, Blow Up

«A visionary book, suspended between the present and the past, that does not allow the reader to understand the difference between dream and reality, pain and hope, epic and history.»

Luca Romano, Huffington Post 

The Familiar Domain of the Future’s Darkness

«Some novels give life to real visions. The Familiar Domainis one of them.»

Giorgio Vasta, La Repubblica

«Careful and pulsating language, always varying, just like human fate.»

Stefano Biolchini, Il Sole 24 Ore

«Gentile’s book can scarcely be defined. A novel made of a stream of questions without answers, in anticipation of a dark apocalyptic event (the “future darkness”?) where everything could implode: and this is where its restless charm lies.»

Silvia Mazzucchelli, Doppiozero

«The language is a sort of morse code, a continuous tremor.»

Andrea Ponso